Minnesota No Fault Benefits

Due to the complex nature of the Minnesota No-Fault Benefits, we suggest that you contact an attorney prior to applying for benefits or accepting a settlement. We deal largely with claims under the Minnesota No-Fault Benefits Automobile Act and would glad to assist you with your claim. Please contact one of our attorneys to set up your initial consultation today.

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Under Minnesota State law, individuals that are insured at the time of a car accident, regardless of their negligence or lack thereof, are afforded Minnesota No-Fault Benefits under the Minnesota No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act (Minn. Stat. Sec. 65B.41). These Minnesota No Fault Benefits typically pay for initial medical bills, wage loss and other expenses that are related to the recovery from injuries that an individual sustains in a car or motor vehicle accident.

While the typical source of the No-Fault Benefits is the injured party’s auto insurance provider, there are a number of complexities and exclusions that an individual should carefully consider before filing for benefits or accepting any settlements.

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